Cressi Dog : Dog Life Jacket and Dog Wetsuit

Dog Life Jacket - Made in Hungary by Cressi

If you are with your dog at the seaside or at the lake, on the beach, in a boat, on a surfboard or SUP, kayaking or canoening, and you want to make it safe or facilitate its game activity, CRESSI DOG LIFE JACKET is the ideal aid.

It is a garment specifically designed to keep the animal on the surface, if it is not a good swimmer, or to facilitate it to swim, especially when it spends a lot of time in the liquid element; it is the necessary equipment for rescue dogs in water and is also very usefull for rehabilitation. The jacket has been exactly achieved to keep the dog in the correct swimming position and to facilitate its movements, both when it is submerged and on the surface. The Life Jacket is therefore ergonomic, comfortable and easy to wear: made with the best materials and through high reliability production processes, it has a practical ring for the leash and a comfortable handle (two in sizes L-XL) to facilitate the recovery of the dog when you are on the boat. Inserts and finishes are reflective and increase the visibility of the animal in water even in difficult conditions.

Dog Wetsuit - Made in Italy

Due to its physical characteristics the aquatic environment causes thermal dispersion in bodies that are immersed in it. CRESSI DOG WETSUIT is the ideal support to overcome this discomfort. The 3 mm thick neoprene bodysuit isolates the body of the animal and protects it from the cold, thanks to the air cells of its structure which, at the same time, facilitate the buoyancy. The use of the wetsuit, due to its thermal characteristics, can avoid the onset of swimmer's tail syndrome, a temporary pathology due to excessive cooling of the dog in the water. In addition, the soft material that wraps the dog gives it a reassuring effect and promotes calm and self-control especially in states of anxiety and fear. The Dog Wetsuit presents a cut that follows canine anatomy and allows free movements avoiding any constriction. The garment has a comfortable full-opening zipper on the back, wich faciltates dressing. The sizes range is from Micro XS to XXL. This product has also been designed to be used under the Dog Life Jacket, which further increases the dog's buoyancy. 

Cressi Dog : Dog Life Jacket and Dog Wetsuit